value-added service

Discretionary management is an exclusive service of high added value that allows tailor-made solutions, depending on the objectives, strategy, personal and professional circumstances, needs, goals, as well as time horizon and market conditions.

It is a detailed process that ends with the composition of a tailored investment portfolio, based on knowledge and experience, investment objectives, financial situation and the investment profile of the client.

Asset diversification, periodic inspections, setting goals and limits, and above all, the experience of the management team and alignment with the interests of customers, allow to reach a medium-term consistency.

We continuously monitor the portfolio, adapting to market conditions, in compliance with the investment parameters and risk that previously has been defined with the client.

We conduct regular meetings to monitor the evolution of the portfolio, bringing new investment ideas, tailored to their risk profile.

As in the case of the funds, liquidity is permanent and our primary objective is to manage risk while preserving capital in bear markets and profiting from opportunities arising from a bullish scenario.

Partners and managers invest their financial assets in the funds they manage, in total alignment with the interests of clients.

We act with the highest integrity in the best interest of our clients. Our only interest is our clients and our only commitment is to them.