Funds under management:
Patribond, Patrifund, Patrival


Provide constant appreciation of capital in the long term.

This will mainly be invested in equities, with up to 75% in equities, and up to 25% in fixed income assets.

Investments will mainly be with securities issued by companies in OCDE countries, with a particular focus on companies in European countries and in the United States.

Investment Style

Patrifund maintains an active management, it is not managed in reference to any market index.

It will capitalize its earnings by following a policy of income accumulation.

The investment strategy corresponds to investors with an average investment risk profile.

Management fee:
Class A: Institutional: 0,75 %
Class B: Retail: 1,60 %
Depositario: Quintet Privat Bank (Luxemburgo)

Patrifund Return Analysis