We manage
personal and
institutional mandates

Value Investing

When considering a potential investment, we view ourselves as a prospective business owner: We study each stock as a tangible investment, not for financial speculation. This approach requires a high degree of knowledge of the business of the companies included in the portfolio as well as of its economic value.

Mid and Long Term View

In the mid and long term, prices will reflect the evolution of value. The aim is to achieve over time a high return after adjusting for risk.

Low Turnover

Both the conviction of the investment thesis and the reduction of operating costs are advised to maintain a proper rotation.

In Patrivalor SGIIC SA we are guided by the principles of fundamental analysis and try to avoid making movements due to short-term pressures or sensationalist impressions.

We monitor the evolution of economic activity, interest rates and currencies of the major economies, as well as the evolution of commodities and gold. Daily news flow is systematized with regular reports.

Investment Process

At the same time, we identify secular / structural trends and analyze companies to identify high quality and reliable targets which are most likely to achieve long-term growth and margin expansion allowing for appropriate dividend yield growth. We analyze over 800 companies globally, the leaders in attractive sectors, from which we finally select about 25 names.
Qualitative analysis

Companies are divided by sector, whether prices are set by the state or by the market (in this case if they sell to companies or individuals). We study its strategic positioning and competitive advantages, and we closely analyze the management team, which is of great importance for the final selection.

Quantitative analysis

Fundamental screenings of an accounting nature (intrinsic value, with special focus on balance sheet and income statement), contrasted with stock market valuations.

Based on this analysis we consider the stability of the business over the economic cycle. We also take into account technical analysis filters based on non-proprietary programs, in order to confirm that a favorable technical scenario is in place in order to initiate the position. This allows us to limit the usual volatility that comes with value investing.

According to this information, which is constantly updated, we base our opinion on the circumstances in which the company will move over the mid term and determine and review the geographic/sector diversification of investments of the portfolio.

Strategic Active Management

We are not benchmark constrained but benchmark aware: asset allocation is not tied to indexes although we take into account the possible comparison to try to improve it in any case. Predominant selection of investments with a mid to long term view rather than stock arbitrages and market activism.

Investor Profile and Preservation of capital

Once the client's risk profile is ascertained (investment experience, overall wealth capacity, specific objectives for the portfolio, time horizon) Patrivalor SGIIC SA adapts general investment criteria to the specific indications received always with a bias towards lower risk alternatives. There is a constant focus on maintaining operating costs and tax implications low. The possible use of derivatives is limited to special cases in order to reduce exposure to risky assets.

Transparency and Liquidity

Continuous and regular detailed information on the status of portfolios and funds. Customers can make their withdrawals with liquidity and simplicity.


Patrivalor SGIIC SA’s track record can only be contrasted through the performance of the investment funds as they are classified, monitored and analyzed by specialized agencies.

In order to make this comparison, funds need to have enough history. Patribond FI has won several awards by the major institutional analysis providers on investment funds (Lipper, Morningstar,S&P). These awards are indicative of the quality of work done and encourage us to continue to try to maintain and improve our line of work in the future. Patrival FI still lacks a reasonable number of years to make the comparison.


Our commitment is to work exclusively paragraph the best interest of our customers. We do not belong to any financial group. Our only commitment is to our customers and Your satisfaction is our principal objective. Only we manage and advise, so we make no activity that may involve Conflicts of Interest of the UN. Patrivalor SGIIC SA and the management team invests in the funds it manages is why we guarantee a full and transparent defense of the interests of our clients on investment.


In order to promote a positive change in society from the financial system , we try to choose investments with good corporate practices which entail a more humane and sustainable society that promote quality of life and defend human dignity.