Funds under management:
Patribond, Patrival

Patribond Global Equity blended with a lower degree of volatility

Patribond, established on May 13th, 1994 by Cofigestión SGIIC, it is managed by Patrivalor SGIIC SA
Quarterly Report
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The Fund´s objective is to obtain returns investing between 30% and 75% of the portfolio in equities, both national and international.

With regard to international securities, they will be mainly listed on other markets in Europe and the U.S. and Canada. Investment in fixed income will mainly focus on bonds and notes of the Spanish market, but will also invest in corporate bonds from European and American issuers with high solvency and credit rating.

Fund management will follow the following benchmarks, with the weights indicated: Stoxx 600 (35%), S&P 500 (15%) y AFI Repo (50%).

Investment Style

Global equities, value investing philosophy, blended fund (up to 75% equity - up to 30% fixed income). It offers a wide range of investment as it is aimed at investors who want to be in equities, with a lower degree of volatility.

Management fee: 1.0%
Depositary: Cecabank
Rating Morningstar Global:
Rating Lipper


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